Build the technology that builds the homes of the future.

Hello. We’re Ideal and we’re building gorgeous, eco-friendly modular homes.

We’re growing rapidly: See what problems we’re tackling and where you can fit in.

Construction is destroying our planet

Concrete is a huge problem. And we use it for everything.

“...it’s resource-intensive, and contributes to tremendous carbon dioxide emissions. After water, concrete is the most consumed material by humanity.

But now we have an alternative, and it is plant-based”

Cambridge University
Chimneys pumping out smoke
The future of Building

Old vs. New

“Tradition becomes our security, and when the mind is secure it is in decay.”
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Traditional Construction

Building a house on a building site is like trying to cook a 3 course meal in the middle of a field, with unpredictable weather and a cheeky pig munching your ingredients.

Huge amount of building waste (plastics, cement)

Concrete is hurting our planet

Less control = unpredictable building quality

Ineffecient transportation of materials

Slow and weather dependent building (too windy stop, too hot stop, too cold stop)

Modular Construction

Building a house in a state of the art modular construction factory is like cooking a 3 course meal in a professional kitchen with all ingredients prepared for you and Jamie Oliver to hand.

All the tools, people and processes are optimised for you to build a new standard of quality

Near 90% reduction in building waste

Environmentally friendly materials

Construction is significantly faster

Minimal or zero concrete use

Temperature controlled environment

It’s Time we Build Better

We have to do better. And we can.

The answer lies in the materials we use for construction and the method we use for construction.

Stockholm-icons / Home / Earth Created with Sketch. Happy Planet Materials

We build using cross laminated timber. We get very excited about this stuff—it’s easily the biggest advancement in construction for over 150 years.

Unlike concerete extraction, growing and regrowing trees for cross laminated timber costs an immaterial amount of energy. At the same time, forests litterally hoover CO2 out of the atmostphere, pumping out oxygen for our planet to breathe.

Stockholm-icons / Navigation / Arrow-to-bottom Created with Sketch. Massive Waste Reducing Construction

Ideal’s modular construction centralises all production in our 150,000sqft state of the art factory. Two huge benefits: 90% reduction in building waste and much higher control over the quality of new build property.


less plastics and building waste than traditional WRAP UK


less energy consumed with modular construction. McGraw-Hill Construction & Autodesk


homes needed in 12 years for UK population World Economic Forum


to grow the timber for a 3 bedroom apartment Cambridge University
Man balancing with rod Empty Factory
Workers affixing a floor A housing module near completion
Innovative Construction

A Simple Vision.

Homes that people love, where they share their best memories. That’s what we’re focused on.

Eye catching architecture, doors that open and close like poetry, thoughtful natural lighting, exceptional sound and heat insulation. A few of the ingredients.

Our approach dramatically reduces waste as well as genuinely redefining the quality of new build property. Customers buy homes that look gorgeous, work effortlessly and most importantly, don’t cost our planet.

90% Less Plastic Waste

Minimal Concrete Use

Unrivalled heat insulation

Gorgeous design

Original Manufacturing. Original Technology.

Stockholm-icons / Code / Terminal Created with Sketch. We’re Building Software Tools

We’re building software in 4 key areas.

... ...

Design Handoff

Like software, the handoff in construction from design to engineering is a negotiation; we iron out kinks, communicate ideas and keep everyone on the same page.



Sunrise, cups of tea, (vegan) bacon sarnies, trucks and cranes. Give everyone complete visibility of when and where their home is being implemented.



Enable engineers to do their best work by answering key questions like; What should I work on next? What materials do I need? I’m running behind, can you notify everyone who will be affected?



Couple our tools to 3rd party software for services like order tracking, warehouse replenishments and more.

Job Openings

Ideal is growing. Grow with us.

We’re currently assembling a software team. This is a good time to join to make your mark for the longrun.

From the get go we’re gearing-up for remote working across the UK. So whether it’s the office, sat on the production line, a busy coffee shop or sat next to the dog with an open fire—you can find your hotspot to get your best work done.

At the end of each cycle of work, we’ll gather at the factory HQ, in Speke, South Liverpool. We have an office in central Manchester.

Software Engineering
2 Remaining

Senior Software Engineer

UK Remote

Senior Front-end Engineer

React, Vue or Angular experience required · UK Remote

Occasionally work with agency partners only on a role-by-role basis. This ensures we provide the agency partner with all the information and tools they need to be successful in supporting us. Speculative CVs sent via email will not be considered liable for a fee.